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Feno GmbH was founded back in 1999 by five ambitious nurserymen.
The name is a German acronym for Promoting and Developing New Varieties of Fruit.
The founding of Feno was a response to the need to cater for the greatly changed circumstances both in terms of the rules and regulations governing tree nurseries and in terms of the entirely new developments in the area of variety and trademark protection.

Feno is a member of CIVI Italia: the national consortium of nurserymen for quality and production of certified propagation material from fruit, citrus, strawberry, olive and garden plants.

We are certainly not the only supplier able to offer good and healthy grafting material, but we are one of the few that can provide an integrated concept.

With the apple as the main focal point, Feno works with a product which has acquired a unique “global” significance.
Feno sees itself as the link between local tree nurseries  and international business in the sector.
The international networks which already exist open up new opportunities and underpin lasting partnerships.