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Globachem: your partner in agrochemicals!


As a young and dynamic, family owned company, engaged in international agrochemical business, Globachem wants to make an important contribution in reducing the ecological footprint of agriculture and horticulture. Therefore, Globachem is a market-driven, trustworthy company, committed to offer a full service in the area of generic and new agrochemical products.

Vision and strategy

Our goal is to be a global player in “young” generic agrochemical products (fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, etc.) and to introduce a number of new products and/or applications onto the market.

We specialise in:

  • generic agrochemicals
  • new applications and combinations of (generic) agrochemicals
  • introducing or maintaining new products on the market:
    • new plant-available and natural products
    • new active ingredients

In the field of generic agrochemicals, Globachem aims to deliver generic products with an added value. Examples include:

  • Globachem was the first to introduce GA3 (GIBB 3) and GA4/7 (GIBB Plus) on the German market, and develop GA3 (GIBB 3) for wine crops, effectively combatting Botrytis and vinegar rot.
  • Globachem developed 6-benzyladenine (Globaryll 100) for thinning pears, being the first company to market a chemical fruit thinning agent on pears in Western Europe.
  • Globachem was the first to market pure diflufenican (Diflanil 500SC) as a herbicide for fruit crops.
  • Globachem has, over the years, introduced a range of blends or duo-packs onto the market, combining the best qualities of 2 products.
  • Etc.

We focus especially on acquiring registrations. This is our core business. To succeed, we find that registration, combined with excellent product-development and source work, are most important. Moreover, we are convinced that, in view of the high costs of registering agrochemicals (fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, etc.), only global players can win a place in the market.

To support these activities, we have an expanding worldwide network of manufacturers, formulators, laboratories, consultants, research stations, suppliers and clients.

Globachem is therefore your ideal business partner for sourcing problems relating to your technical products (active ingredients) or formulations of agrochemicals (fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, etc.).

If you have any queries about our company or products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will reply without delay.

Vision and strategy seed

Globachem’s seed technology department delivers high-quality raw materials (powders, binding agents, colorants, etc.) that enables the client to create desirable added value for his seeds. Our continuous aim is to establish a close collaboration so that we can match our products to the requirement of the client.

Globachem does not carry out contract pelleting, but provides its clients the knowledge and raw materials that enables them to treat their own seeds. When a client wants to implement one of our new technologies we always support the scaling-up processes to industrial scale.

Our main priority is always the final quality of the seeds of our clients. For this reason when testing new products we always carry out standardised germination trials to monitor seed germination capacity and seedling development.
Globachem is always on the look-out for new formula for its powders, binders and colorants. We always value contributions from our clients in this search.