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AEDES is not a mere acronym; but an ancient name of Greek and Latin root,which means home, temple, construction.

Back in the 40s, three youths from the Alto Adige area had returned from their wartime imprisonment. They were united under a common will to rebuild the nation; thereby giving birth to a company able to provide everything necessary to farms and families to get back on their feet..
At first, the company supplied bricks for homes and warehouses, silos, agricultural machinery required by the many farms of the territory.
his was the start of “AEDES”

“Everything you need under this roof”

Since the 50s, AEDES has been general importer of PORSCHE DIESEL tractors in Italy, beet machines Franz KLENE and In 1963, PORSCHE DIESEL suspended tractor production, an important worktool for AEDES that was no longer available.

The 70s brings progress to the company, which dedicates and specializes itself in the production and manufacture of orchard and vineyard machines in a small shop in the area of San Maurizio/Gries (BZ) among the vineyards and apple orchards of Alto Adige, in close contact with the farmers.

Given the continuous productive and commercial request in the mid-70s, the company decides to move to its new headquarters in the industrial park of Bolzano, gaining the import and commercialization of SOLO equipment and DEUTZ tractors for Alto Adige.

The tractors were completely disassembled and transformed from wide-open tractors to low-narrow machines that could work the orchards and vineyards of the area.

At the same rate, production increased in lifters AEDES “BOX LIFT”, mulchers AEDES “SCHLEGELMULCHER”, rotomulcher AEDES “ROTORMULCHER” and AEDES “SCHERENMULCHER”.

First shredder with lateral hydraulic movement    First shredder with hydraulic inter-row wheel and hydraulic transmission    Rotomulcher with lateral hydraulic movement and inter-row wheel    First automatic hydraulic probe for in-row wheel

First rotomulcher with DUAL-SIDE double inter-row wheels to vary work width    First rotomulcher with three shaft transmission    and two side arms to vary work width

In 1978, Mr. Günther Pircher takes part in the company history.

At the start of the 80s, AEDES transfers part of its production to Sandrigo (VI) for logistic and productive reasons, which then moves to the new plant of Dueville (VI).

Mr. Giovanni Zarantonello also begins his company history that year in the Dueville plant.

At the onset of the new millennium, the helm of AEDES Costruzioni SRL is in the hands of partners Giovanni Zarantonello e Günther Pircher. All designs and productions are centralized in the Dueville (VI) facilities.

In the meanwhile, the Bolzano plant is moved to Andriano, a small suburban town between Bolzano and Merano, among the orchards and vineyards.

Close contact with the farmers allows us to produce innovative ideas and machines to meet the needs of every customer in terms of reliable orchard and vineyard mechanization.

Aside from all this, the local staff of Andriano (BZ) deals with commercial duties, customer care, machine repairs and warehouse spares.

Thanks to our experience and team of collaborators in production; we are strongly committed to manufacturing innovative and technically advanced machines that are reliable, sturdy and cost accessible.


“Together with you”